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bbUI.js – First Release for BlackBerry 10

Tim released the first version of bbUI.js with support for BlackBerry 10 last week – in addition to BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook – during BlackBerry10 Jam. No changes in licensing; the code continues to be released under ASL2.  There are … Continue reading

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More WebWorks Repositories

We are getting ready for BB 10 Jam in Orlando. The WebWorks team recently promoted two of their repositories from BlackBerry-WebWorks to the top-level BlackBerry organization. The BB10-WebWorks-Packager bundles the content of a WebWorks Application with the BB10-WebWorks-Framework to create a BAR that … Continue reading

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Three.js Contributions

Now that the PlayBook OS 2 update that supports WebGL has been released, we are simplifying the development of WebGL applications on the platform, and to that end, improving support for Three.js, a popular WebGL framework. Recently two Three.js fixes proposed … Continue reading

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TunnelTilt at BlackBerry App World

One more leg in the journey of TunnelTilt – From GitHub to your PlayBook… but now going through the BlackBerry App World: More details in the official announcement in the DevBlog post. You can preview the game in two ways: check … Continue reading

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WebWorks-Community-APIs Template Now Available

A few weeks ago Adam put together a template for WebWorks extensions, so future extensions could be done more consistently by just cloning the template and instantiating the actual code.  The template comes in two versions, one for the Tablets and … Continue reading

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Porting Wikipedia Mobile to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Update: Now Available at BlackBerry App World. It all started from a tweet late sunday night: OK Wikipedia app for android must be the best phonegap app ever. > 4.5 stars. Top trending on the market. > 350k installs. All … Continue reading

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Weather WebWorks Sample is in – RSS Reader is out, for now

We have posted a new sample to the WebWorks-Samples repository: Weather.  This sample is targeted to the BlackBerry smartphones and uses the Spinner Control extension from WebWorks-Community-APIs. Also, a week ago we removed the RSS Reader sample, but we will push … Continue reading

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SketchPad WebWorks sample now open source

Happy to share that we have moved the sketchPad sample application into Github to make this code more easily available for developers to discover, download and use: https://github.com/blackberry/WebWorks-Samples/tree/master/sketchPad As described in our Developer Resource center: Sketchpad is a sample application … Continue reading

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News Summary – Dec 12th, 2011

Highlights from recent activity in Open Source projects: Samples-for-Java – New repository Collection of samples and libraries for BBOS. See announcement. JDE-Samples – New repository Samples from JDE and SDKs. See announcement. CouchDB – Updated Port almost complete; see branch changes. GetOpt – New repository Makefile changes … Continue reading

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NFC Support in WebWorks

Support for Near Field Communications (NFC – Wikipedia, NFC Forum) was added this week to the WebWorks-Community-APIs repository.  The work comes from Martin Woolley and John Murray, in the DevRel team. Martin and John are also authors for a series of … Continue reading

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