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More WebWorks Repositories

We are getting ready for BB 10 Jam in Orlando. The WebWorks team recently promoted two of their repositories from BlackBerry-WebWorks to the top-level BlackBerry organization. The BB10-WebWorks-Packager bundles the content of a WebWorks Application with the BB10-WebWorks-Framework to create a BAR that … Continue reading

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New Contributors: Rory and Martin

We have two new contributors:  Rory Craig-Barnes (glasspear) is contributing to bbUI.js and WebWorks-Samples. Martin Kleinschrodt (MaKleSoft) is contributing to WebWorks-Community-APIs. Welcome to both!  And an encouragement to others to participate in any of our projects.  Some, like WebWorks-Community-APIs already … Continue reading

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Clipboard Support in WebWorks

We now have (unofficial) clipboard support in WebWorks courtesy of Martin Kleinschrodt.  This extension is for tablets. Martin is a new non-RIM Contributor, he is located in Munich where his work is visible at MaKleSoft.com.  The clipboard extension was needed by his … Continue reading

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WebWorks-Community-APIs Template Now Available

A few weeks ago Adam put together a template for WebWorks extensions, so future extensions could be done more consistently by just cloning the template and instantiating the actual code.  The template comes in two versions, one for the Tablets and … Continue reading

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Latest BlackBerry NFC sample applications

Martin Woolley and John Murray from our Developer Relations team have been hard at work creating sample applications that illustrate the use of the BlackBerry NFC APIs. Most of these samples are now available at GitHub; the latest addition is … Continue reading

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swipemenu.js PlayBook menus for WebWorks applications

For PlayBook users, a swipe-down from the top-bezel is almost always associated with the opening of an application’s menu. To address this need for our WebWorks development community, we have just published swipemenu.js at our WebWorks-Samples repository. As a JavaScript … Continue reading

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New Top-Level Project: bbUI.js

Just before DevCon Europe we promoted a a new top-level repository: bbUI.js.  The project was started by Tim within the WebWorks-Samples repo but soon it was clear it had general applicability and Tim started making it more widely useful.  The … Continue reading

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New WebWorks Community API: Using Analytics Service

Tim has added a new WebWorks Extension to our WebWorks-Community-APIsrepository.  The new feature is loaded through <feature id=”webworks.analytics” /> Using the service requires registering with the service, adding some JavaScript setup code and including some instrumentation calls to track key … Continue reading

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Weather WebWorks Sample is in – RSS Reader is out, for now

We have posted a new sample to the WebWorks-Samples repository: Weather.  This sample is targeted to the BlackBerry smartphones and uses the Spinner Control extension from WebWorks-Community-APIs. Also, a week ago we removed the RSS Reader sample, but we will push … Continue reading

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Building and Deploying WebWorks Samples

We now have 5 samples at WebWorks-Samples (TunnelTilt, is a sixth one but it is at WebGL-Samples): Aura – the “weather with physics” demo from MWC 2011 (video) KitchenSink – a demo of many WW features (all but “the kitchen … Continue reading

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