BlackBerry Open Source at BBM Channels

I have started posting content at a BBM Channel using the beta version of the software. The experience so far is very positive and it feels like a combination of micro-blogging and BBM groups.   The pin in C000D71DD.  See you there!


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Download as ZIP – from GitHub

All GitHub repos allow you to download the latest source as a ZIP or TARball.  Just visit the repo (BB10-WebWorks-Samples in the case above), select the “Downloads” tab and then click to download as zip or as tar.gz.

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Voxels… from The Netherlands

A welcome to David Williams to our Community of Contributors.

David is located in Groningen, The Netherlands and is interested in Gameplay3D, Voxels and other such beasts.

Check out David’s website, or follow him at @David_W81 and we hope to see his contributions in the near future.

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And Number 50 is from… Slovenia

And now we are 50!  The latest non-RIM contributor to our Open Source projects is Roman Verhovšek, from BlackBerryDevSI, in Slovenia.  Roman has indicated that he intends to contribute to our Cascades-Community-Samples repository.

The list of signatories is public, at our Open Source microsite.  We welcome your participation through many forms, including bug reports and fixes, new proposed features, code samples, participations at BlackBerry Jam events and many more.

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OpenBBNews at Tumblr

I have started posting short Open Source news relevant to the BlackBerry Community at  My goal is to post very frequently there; I’ve been running the experiment through the last week and, so far, so good.

Important and official news will still be posted first at DevBlog.  All Open Source news from RIM will still be posted on this blog.  And everything should be tracked, even if by one liners at the new Tumblr account.  In addition, individuals will continue to tweet on their accounts as they find useful (I’m @pelegri).

Tumblr provides an RSS feed on the posts as well as an archive.

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OpenData Spaces – Best at BEST in Cloud

The Best in Cloud conference was last week in Mainz, Germany.  The conference is organized by IDG (publishers of ComputerWoche) with the goal of spreading the use of Cloud Computing through real case studies.  The event includes a number of awards and the audience award was won by SSP Europe GmbH… which you may have seen before because it is what ekke’s OpenData Space clients talk to.

The BlackBerry 10 client is still in an early developer release but if you want to try our the technology, you can point your browser to and get yourself a free account.  Then you can create a shared data room, create users, adjust what they can see, what level of privacy you use, etc.

The data rooms can be shared with clients in a number of ways.  There are (beta) clients for BB10, iOS and Android.  Plus you can also mount it on your desktop through a WebDAV interface

Below are screenshots for the server-side of this…

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RIM: reaping the benefits of open source

Nice piece by Mary Branscome on Open Source at RIM.

Thanks, Mary, its always a pleasure to talk with you – we always appreciate how accurate is your reporting.

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