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NDK 2.0 Beta Now Available

The first beta of the Native SDK for the BlackBerry ® PlayBook™ is now available. Check out: Official DevBlog Post Micro-Site Release Notes Support Forum Registration Page Note the last link: you have to re-register your PlayBook even if you … Continue reading

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Community Project on Python on the PlayBook

QNX’s support of POSIX is proving to be really helpful in porting functionality to the PlayBook (and later BBX).  One area in point is Python (wikipedia, home site) . PlayBook 2.0 already includes the Python 3.2 runtime but Peter Hansen has started an … Continue reading

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Building and Deploying Samples for AIR

The Samples-for-AIR project is publicly available online at github and can be downloaded using  git version control. Using git, perform the following in a command prompt: git clone The above command will copy Samples-for-Air source to Samples-for-AIR directory. GitHub … Continue reading

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DosBox on PlayBook – The Engadget Appearance

Our port of DosBox (wikipedia, web site) made it to Engadget last week.  The journey from our GitHub repo is interesting: At CrackBerry, jamesjmunro started a CrackBerry thread on October 24th, pointing out the new repo.  The next day several other members … Continue reading

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Samples for AIR

The Samples for AIR open source project, available at github,  offers sample APIs written using Blackberry Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR. APIs include common utilities and UI elements such as animated screen transitions, navigation menu, media component, search field, … Continue reading

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Unbox Your PlayBook with a 2.0 Twist

Some new PlayBook functionality, like some WebWorks 2 and WebGL support (required by the TunnelTilt game), the BlackBerry® Runtime for Android, and Adobe AIR 3.0, require a build of PlayBook OS  2.0. This note explains how to install the PlayBook OS 2.0 Developer Beta … Continue reading

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Installing a Debug Token in your PlayBook

This note describes how to configure a PlayBook with a Debug Token so it can be used to install applications like TunnelTilt. Steps Required Request a Code Signing Key Register the signer with the RIM servers Create a (Debug) Token Put … Continue reading

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TunnelTilt – From GitHub to Your PlayBook

Last month, during MikeL‘s keynote at DevCon America, George showed a WebGL game running on the PlayBook (check at 24:18 in the screencast).  Last week we posted the sources at GitHub, in a new WebGL-Samples repository, and this post will show you … Continue reading

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