Unbox Your PlayBook with a 2.0 Twist

Some new PlayBook functionality, like some WebWorks 2 and WebGL support (required by the TunnelTilt game), the BlackBerry® Runtime for Android, and Adobe AIR 3.0, require a build of PlayBook OS  2.0. This note explains how to install the PlayBook OS 2.0 Developer Beta that RIM announced at DevCon America 2011 so you can try these features today.

This note provides additional hand-holding and screenshots to the information in BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Developer Beta and in Developer Beta Update Now Available.  As usual, the official blog sites are the authoritative versions.


Get yourself a PlayBook, from the RIM site, or one of our partners – or luck out and get it as a conference gift.  Unbox the device, notice that the bezel is active, and follow the instructions: make sure you are in a site with WiFi and internet access, and power up the tablet.

The device will come loaded with some build and the setup sequence will configure the WiFi network, the locale, the time zone, your BlackBerry ID and everything else that’s needed.  The setup will also do an automatic Over-The-Air (WiFi in this case) upgrade to the latest publicly available build using the standard PlayBook software upgrade machinery.  Let’s assume you got the device with a 1.0.* build; as of writing this note, the latest build is

Register your PlayBook

The Developer Beta is also installed using the PlayBook upgrade machinery; the only difference is that you will need to request the upgrade for your specific PlayBook.  You can do via a form linked at the bottom of the android and html5 microsites, or just go directly to the registration page and provide the PIN for your tablet and your email.

You will get an acknowledgement of the submission right away.   This is a good time to consider backing up your current configuration using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, so you can later downgrade following these instructions if you want to (note – I’ve not tried this part).

At some time after, your PlayBook should show a notification (top-left) indicating the availability of the upgrade – or you can manually go request a software update check via the options panel.  Then you can download, install and reboot and you will find yourself on, ready to have fun with 2.0.

One final note that the Developer Beta is just that, for developers.  In particular it does not contain end user features such as: email, calendar, contacts, video store, etc.


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