DosBox on PlayBook – The Engadget Appearance

Our port of DosBox (wikipedia, web site) made it to Engadget last week.  The journey from our GitHub repo is interesting:

At CrackBerry, jamesjmunro started a CrackBerry thread on October 24th, pointing out the new repo.  The next day several other members of the forum started working on compiling the sources, tracking some missing instructions and configurations.   You can see the results of this being incorporated into the GitHub repo in the commit history (Oct 25th, 26th, and 29th).  And on Nov 4th, a7tomic reports success: dosbox is now running.  That was post #8; the CrackBerry thread picks up from there and soon started moving into how to run specific games.

Next seems to have been an appearance by BBIn.  They created a video showing  how the PlayBook running DosBox running MS-DOS  (5.0?),  They also showed how to mount the disk and how to run some classic games (Prince of Persia, Wolf-3D, The Lion King).

The games did it – DosBox is an abstract concept, but a popular game is very concrete.  From BBIn the news went to n4bb, and from there to Engadget.  And I see The Verge also did a piece.  All this on Nov 17th.

At some point the OSBB folks did a news piece that includes a screen shot of Windows 95.  The piece is dated Nov 18th, but the screenshot shows in the Engadget post from Nov 17th.  Maybe different Time-Zones, I didn’t check.

And this is how Open Source works!

Stay tuned for a future post that shows how to build the DosBox sources, in a way similar to how we showed how to build TunnelTilt.


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