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Building and Deploying WebWorks Samples

We now have 5 samples at WebWorks-Samples (TunnelTilt, is a sixth one but it is at WebGL-Samples): Aura – the “weather with physics” demo from MWC 2011 (video) KitchenSink – a demo of many WW features (all but “the kitchen … Continue reading

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GamePlay 1.1 – New Features and Samples

GamePlay 1.1 is now available at GitHub. This release includes a significant number of new features, including physics support using Bullet,  OggVorbis audio support, and XCode 4 support, in addition to PlayBook and Windows 7 support – a complete list of … Continue reading

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Next release of cocos2d-x to include PlayBook support

Cocos2d-x was one of the Open Source components ported to the PlayBook and announced as part of DevCon America.  The intention was always to upstream the changes, and Dale just mentioned that this has indeed been the case. This integration is … Continue reading

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SketchPad WebWorks sample now open source

Happy to share that we have moved the sketchPad sample application into Github to make this code more easily available for developers to discover, download and use: As described in our Developer Resource center: Sketchpad is a sample application … Continue reading

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Where is that Log? DevUser and Account 1000 on PlayBook

PlayBook applications run in sandboxes, each one with holding files, data base, other data… and also the exit code and the log file for the latest execution of the application, all nicely protected using QNX.  Our IDE (formally QNX® Momentics IDE … Continue reading

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Hello NDK beta 2 – Step by Step

The second beta of the Native SDK is now available at native/beta microsite – the corresponding runtime is – and this post shows how to compile, package, and install the first Hello Graphics Sample using just the command-line. Download NDK … Continue reading

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News Summary – Dec 12th, 2011

Highlights from recent activity in Open Source projects: Samples-for-Java – New repository Collection of samples and libraries for BBOS. See announcement. JDE-Samples – New repository Samples from JDE and SDKs. See announcement. CouchDB – Updated Port almost complete; see branch changes. GetOpt – New repository Makefile changes … Continue reading

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Announcing Java Sample Repositories

Today we are pleased to announce two new repositories of Open Source code for BlackBerry. We have a repository of Java sample code which includes our BlackBerry JDE Samples from the 7.0 SDK, and a repository of samples previously released … Continue reading

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NFC Support in WebWorks

Support for Near Field Communications (NFC – Wikipedia, NFC Forum) was added this week to the WebWorks-Community-APIs repository.  The work comes from Martin Woolley and John Murray, in the DevRel team. Martin and John are also authors for a series of … Continue reading

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Contributions to Apache

The Apache Software Foundation uses Contribution Agreements to “clearly define the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to the ASF”.  There are two variants of the CLA, the ICLA for individuals, and the CCLA for corporations. RIM recently … Continue reading

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