SketchPad WebWorks sample now open source

Happy to share that we have moved the sketchPad sample application into Github to make this code more easily available for developers to discover, download and use:

As described in our Developer Resource center:

Sketchpad is a sample application provided to developers as a learning resource.  This application is created using the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ App Platform and demonstrates how HTML5 and Touch Events can be used to draw an image on the screen using either the touch screen or the trackpad.

SketchPad is supported on BlackBerry® 6 and higher, as well as the BlackBerry Tablet OS®.

Hope you enjoy this sample!


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Proud Canadian who loves running, craft beer, World travel, culture and music of all shapes & styles. I live in Toronto and love this city for how diverse and unique it is. As a Solution Architect with IBM Canada's Interactive Experience (iX&M) practice, I have the privilege of leading teams of amazingly talented people to build creative and award-winning mobile applications & solutions. I love to build things and transform chaos into awesome.
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