GamePlay 1.1 – New Features and Samples

GamePlay 1.1 is now available at GitHub. This release includes a significant number of new features, including physics support using Bullet,  OggVorbis audio support, and XCode 4 support, in addition to PlayBook and Windows 7 support – a complete list of feature is at Milestone Page.

The release also includes 4 ready-to-go samples: Mesh, LongBoard, SpaceShip, and Character.  There are fairly complete Tutorial documents for both LongBoard (pdf, 16 pages) and SpaceShip (pdf, 27 pages).

The release includes Doxygen-generated documentation.  After you download (or clone) the sources, point your browser to <root>/gameplay-api/html/index.html.

Building the samples with the IDE is pretty straight-forward.  The Getting Started page at the micro-site provides good instructions: Install the IDE, then load gameplay’s project and the 4 games projects (File->Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace).  Configure the targets Using the Deployment Wizard.

First build the GamePlay and the samples, and then deploy them.  I had previously uploaded a debug token to my PlayBook (used in the tunneltilt and other posts), so I did not generate a new debug token but rather adjusted the target to reuse the  debug token already in my PB.

Everything worked smoothly and the 4 apps showed up on my PlayBook (running a recent 2.0.0.* release).

GamePlay is a multi-platform framework.  In addition to PlayBook (1.0 and 2.0) it also supports the Mac and Windows.  Specific details::

  • BlackBerry PlayBook 1.0/2.0 (using BlackBerry Native SDK 1.0/2.0)
  • Apple MacOS X (using Apple XCode 4.0)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro/Express)

Drop us a comment if you write about your experiences with the framework in any of these platforms.  I am specially interested in Applications submitted to the BlackBerry App World.

The next release is Milestone 1.2.  Features currently planned for it include:

  • UI Forms with Themed Overlays.
  • Improvements to Lighting.
  • Developer Guide.
  • More Samples and Tutorials.
  • Apple iOS 5 Support.

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