JSON_parser available for PlayBook

We are hosting the unmodified source for a JSON parser written by Jean Gressmann (based on JSON.org’s JSON checker) as a new JSON_parser repository. This high-performance, C-based, library can be used as a parser or as a checker.  Through a callback function,  the calling application can receive the parsed objects (name-value pairs) for a given JSON input.

Features highlighted by the author are as follows:

  • Arbitrary levels of JSON object/array nesting.
  • C-style comments.
  • UTF-16 & escape sequence (\uXXXX) decoding to UTF-8.
  • Allows for manual processing of floating point values.

To build the parser with your project, simply include and compile it with your source files. There is a sample (main.c) which demonstrates proper invocation of the parser with a callback function.

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