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New Top-Level Project: bbUI.js

Just before DevCon Europe we promoted a a new top-level repository: bbUI.js.  The project was started by Tim within the WebWorks-Samples repo but soon it was clear it had general applicability and Tim started making it more widely useful.  The … Continue reading

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Qt Update – 4.8 Binaries and PlayBook QPA Plugin at Gitorious

Also see our Second Update. Two Three quick updates on Qt: First, we have started uploading prebuilt Qt 4.8 binaries.  As of this writing there are 2×2 sets, all available at the downloads section of our Qt repo at GitHub: Installers for … Continue reading

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New WebWorks Community API: Using Analytics Service

Tim has added a new WebWorks Extension to our WebWorks-Community-APIsrepository.  The new feature is loaded through <feature id=”” /> Using the service requires registering with the service, adding some JavaScript setup code and including some instrumentation calls to track key … Continue reading

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 is Out!!

Today was the official worldwide launch of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 software update.  There are many new features; rather than singling out any, I’ll point to the official pages and blogs. There is plenty of information in the form of articles … Continue reading

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The New AliceJS: What’s up with V0.2?

We released the first version of AliceJS a while back, and spent several months gathering feedback and playing around with it. Clearly, the concept of Organics has been popular with users: the ability to alter various aspects of an animation … Continue reading

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Qt Comes to QNX

Note: Also see this Update on Binaries and Upstreaming (ed., Feb 24 ’12) Having been a Qt developer for many years prior to joining RIM, I am extremely excited that Qt is now available for PlayBook development. Qt brings a … Continue reading

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