Qt Update – 4.8 Binaries and PlayBook QPA Plugin at Gitorious

Also see our Second Update.

Two Three quick updates on Qt:

First, we have started uploading prebuilt Qt 4.8 binaries.  As of this writing there are 2×2 sets, all available at the downloads section of our Qt repo at GitHub:

  • Installers for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux hosts.  These ELF executables are invoked as
    qt4.8-playbook.bin <install prefix>
  • Similar installers for the PlayBook simulator

We are working on additional installers for Windows.

The second update is on our participation on the Qt Project.  As of this last Tuesday (c87445a), the BlackBerry PlayBook QPA (the Qt Platform Abstraction) Plugin is now at Gitorious.  Further contributions will follow; our goal is to be able to work from the upstream directly.

And three (added), check out the QNX page in the Qt Project Wiki.


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31 Responses to Qt Update – 4.8 Binaries and PlayBook QPA Plugin at Gitorious

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  2. Carlos says:

    Hello, Congratulations! Waiting for the Windows binaries

    Are you going to integrate into Qt Creator?

  3. github -> qt4.8-playbook-simulator-i386.bin -> file was not found ?

    • pelegri says:

      Thanks for pointing it out.
      It seems there was an error during the upload and the file was recorded incorrectly as being there when it was not. I’ve deleted the file and re-uploaded it. Check it out and let us know if there are any issues.

  4. John says:

    Hi, the qt4.8-playbook-simulator-i386.bin file does not exist in GitHub… Could you upload it again? Also, is there any estimate on the release of the Windows installers?

    • pelegri says:

      Check it out again. I think I was re-uploading at the same time you were trying it out.

      I’ll check again with the people working on the Windows installers. I know they had encountered some issues when I talked with them earlier in the week.

      • John says:

        Thanks! I’m currently trying to install the Linux installers, what should I put as a ?

      • John says:

        Thanks! I’m currently trying to install the Linux installers, what should I put as install prefix ?

  5. Ekkehard Gentz says:

    I need binaries for OSX and windows for a workshop where attendees should learn Qt to prepare themselves for Cascades coming later this year. Would be great if this would be available soon 😉

  6. Please bring Qt binaries & Qt Creator support for Windows as soon as possible. It’s boring to play with helloworld samples

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  8. Nicolas says:

    Thanks gt for the test.

    The bar-descriptor.xml file generated by the wizards in Qt Creator are using the Qt 4.8.1 version in the installer, not any local library (which will probably be outdated). Everything is still in beta, but long term I expect that Qt will be deployed on the PlayBook and we won’t have to add it to the bar file.
    Also note that the wizard are for the moment really basic, we want to do more clever ones next month, where you can choose the libs you are using in your project.

    QtWebkit being included is an error, it’s not working for the moment. We are going to look at it next month.

    Currently, there are no plan for Phonon, but work is done on QtMultimedia, and I can already say that we are now able to play sound and watch video. Unfortunately, it requires some patchesto Qt, so it won’t work with this version. If you are insterested, the work is done in the open here:

    I can’t really answer about the QBBPlatform plugin, it’s out of my scope.

  9. The platform plugin will be used by Qt if you either pass -platform blackberry as a commandline argument to the application or by setting the environment variable QT_PLATFORM_PLUGIN to “blackberry”

    The latter is probably easiest, since you can do that in the bar-descriptor.xml file

  10. Jon Webb says:

    First impressions: Install on Win7 64 with NDK 2.0.0 was flawless. Building, deploying and debugging a test app went well too. Package size is an issue though. 80mb for even a simple app might just raise some eyebrows 😉 It also rather slows down the development cycle. Are there any flags/settings to exclude unused libs or other ways of reducing package size?

    • Jon Webb says:

      To answer my own question, at least partially, it seems that moving unused libs out of C:\QtPlaybookSDK\Playbook\Qt\4.8.1\lib works. For instance, moving the libQtWebkit.* files out reduces the .bar size to a still considerable 50mb and reduces the debug (transfer & install) time a bit.

    • gt says:

      I suggest you to use a local copy of QT Libs so you keep untouched orignial QT Libs.

      1- Create a deploy/lib folder in your project folder.
      2- Copy from C:\QtPlaybookSDK\Playbook\Qt\4.8.1\lib libs required into yourprojectpath/deploy/lib
      (For my sample app I needed libQtCore.so.4, libQtGui.so.4, libQtOpenGL.so.4 so my bar file is now between 5 and 6mb)
      3- Edit bar-descriptor xml file, set “lib” path like this lib

    • For development you can also copy the libs, once you have deployed them, into a more central place on the device, e.g. the devuser’s directory.
      You can then add this directory to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable through the bar-description.xml file and deploy the app without libraries

  11. Wayne says:

    Good job, guys. I installed the windows version SDK and when I saw my HelloWorldQt app on my playbook, I was so excited. Finally we have powerful c++ framework on playbook. Thanks.

  12. pris says:

    Could you guys please try providing better documentation or at least merging the available information so everything isn’t so fragmented? I’m using ArchLinux on an i386 and I already have the default Qt 4.8 packages that are part of the distribution’s repos. There are a bunch of files in the github repo… its not clear what I need to get started — do I get the SDK? Do I get the ‘simulator’, or whatever the qt4.8-playbook-linux-i386.bin target is? Am I supposed to build Qt separately like the qt-project page recommends?

  13. @pris: the qt4.8-playbook*.bin are outdated files. Forget about them. In order to get started, you have to options: the first one is building Qt yourself, which is actually pretty straightforward. You can find instructions at http://qt-project.org/wiki/QNX

    The binary alternative would be https://github.com/downloads/blackberry/Qt/Qt-4_8_0-PlaybookSDK, however this is a x86-64 binary, which is not going to work on a 32-bit i386 system (it is not completely clear to me if that is your case). If it does not work, you are going to have to build it yourself as I described above, but fear not, it should be ok. If you have any further questions, feel free to turn up at #qt-qnx on freenode.
    We are also aware of the problems regarding multiple information sources, but this is already being worked on. Major improvements are due on the upcoming couple of weeks.

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