New Top-Level Project: bbUI.js

Just before DevCon Europe we promoted a a new top-level repository: bbUI.js.  The project was started by Tim within the WebWorks-Samples repo but soon it was clear it had general applicability and Tim started making it more widely useful.  The recent promotion furthers helps that wider role.

The goal of the bbUI toolkit is to provide a BlackBerry® look and feel for HTML5 applications using the BlackBerry WebWorks framework. It provides common UI constructs that are found on the BlackBerry operating system so that you can create an application that follows the UI guidelines and looks at home on a BlackBerry with very little effort.

The toolkit is still in an incubation stage. The initial focus is on BB6/BB7; then we will back-port for BB5 and we will also be adding some PlayBook look and feel.

Ken and Tim will provide a more in-depth description of the toolkit in a forthcoming DevBlog post.


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2 Responses to New Top-Level Project: bbUI.js

  1. Dandandin says:

    Yes! I tried WebWorks-Samples, but I did not like the look on the PlayBook, ended to use jquery mobile. This is great

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