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New Contributors: Rory and Martin

We have two new contributors:  Rory Craig-Barnes (glasspear) is contributing to bbUI.js and WebWorks-Samples. Martin Kleinschrodt (MaKleSoft) is contributing to WebWorks-Community-APIs. Welcome to both!  And an encouragement to others to participate in any of our projects.  Some, like WebWorks-Community-APIs already … Continue reading

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Windows and Linux Installers for Qt 4.8.1

Second progress update on Qt support (see first update). We have uploaded new installers for Qt 4.8.1 based on the Qt SDK installer.  At this time we have installers for Windows and Linux, a Mac installer is in the works: … Continue reading

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Earlier Open Source Posts

One of the uses of OpenBBNews is as a record of RIM’s Open Source activity but as such it lacks some early events because our first post was in mid-November 2011. To fix this shortcoming, I’ve created a few posts … Continue reading

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TunnelTilt at BlackBerry App World

One more leg in the journey of TunnelTilt – From GitHub to your PlayBook… but now going through the BlackBerry App World: More details in the official announcement in the DevBlog post. You can preview the game in two ways: check … Continue reading

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Elsewhere… Mar 25, 2012

Innovation Happens Elsewhere – Additional Open-Source related links: KABook, a WebWorks-based client to Kahn Academy – AppWorld, GitHub. Peter is exploring how to front Python Apps via Qt/QML/Cascades; see BB10 Python: Command Line Interface New release of Lemma, the Twitter App – Website, GitHub, AppWorld (via BerryReview) SecuStore, … Continue reading

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha in Orlando

RIM has announced that attendees to BlackBerry 10 Jam will be receiving a limited edition developer prototype device – the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha™.  Alex Kinsella makes it very clear that this is not the final hardware or OS for BlackBerry 10. … Continue reading

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Clipboard Support in WebWorks

We now have (unofficial) clipboard support in WebWorks courtesy of Martin Kleinschrodt.  This extension is for tablets. Martin is a new non-RIM Contributor, he is located in Munich where his work is visible at  The clipboard extension was needed by his … Continue reading

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WebWorks-Community-APIs Template Now Available

A few weeks ago Adam put together a template for WebWorks extensions, so future extensions could be done more consistently by just cloning the template and instantiating the actual code.  The template comes in two versions, one for the Tablets and … Continue reading

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WebKit-PlayBook Updated to PlayBook 2.0 Release

As you may know, the BlackBerry PlayBook browser ranks first among all native tablet browsers in the HTML5 test. We’ve pushed a new playbook-2.0.0 branch to our WebKit-PlayBook repository in GitHub. This branch contains the WebKit source code in the PlayBook 2.0 (b.7971) … Continue reading

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Elsewhere… Mar 9, 2012

Innovation Happens Elsewhere Youmi, correctly, complains that my post on GDC2012 only mentions Open Source repositories hosted at, so here are some additional links that might be of interest: Frogatto Ported to the Blackberry Playbook.  Code at GitHub; see LICENSE for details … Continue reading

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