swipemenu.js PlayBook menus for WebWorks applications

For PlayBook users, a swipe-down from the top-bezel is almost always associated with the opening of an application’s menu.

To address this need for our WebWorks development community, we have just published swipemenu.js at our WebWorks-Samples repository. As a JavaScript micro-framework, it is designed to enable easy integration and customization of a swipe-down menu in WebWorks Tablet OS applications.

Download swipemenu.js and its sample application from Github and begin using it in your PlayBook application design.


About nastanley

Proud Canadian who loves running, craft beer, World travel, culture and music of all shapes & styles. I live in Toronto and love this city for how diverse and unique it is. As a Solution Architect with IBM Canada's Interactive Experience (iX&M) practice, I have the privilege of leading teams of amazingly talented people to build creative and award-winning mobile applications & solutions. I love to build things and transform chaos into awesome.
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3 Responses to swipemenu.js PlayBook menus for WebWorks applications

  1. Dev says:

    Perfect. This will help with getting that native look.


  2. wes says:

    I’ve created an alternative that tries to replicate the browser’s swipe-down functionality… rather than just sliding in a div as an overlay over existing content: https://github.com/sterlingwes/webworks-playbook-menu

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