Latest BlackBerry NFC sample applications

Martin Woolley and John Murray from our Developer Relations team have been hard at work creating sample applications that illustrate the use of the BlackBerry NFC APIs. Most of these samples are now available at GitHub; the latest addition is to the Samples-for-Java repository (in the NFC directory) and is an application called “NfcTransactionHandler”. This application illustrates key aspects of NFC card emulation.

The other NFC sample applications published to the Samples-for-Java repository to date are:

  • NfcReadNdefSmartTag: this application detects NFC smart poster tags, reads their contents and displays details of the tag content.
  • NfcWriteNdefSmartTag: a counterpart to NfcReadNdefSmartTag, this application allows you to write any of four types of NDEF message to an NFC tag. The types supported are URI, Smart Poster, Text and Custom (TNF External).
  • NfcSnepResponder: illustrates the use of the Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol to effect a peer to peer transfer of data between two NFC devices.
  • NfcVirtualTargetFun: Shows how to utilise “virtual NFC target emulation”, a technique which allows a BlackBerry smart phone to emulate in application software, an NFC tag or card.

In addition to the Java NFC sample applications, Martin and John also wrote a Web Works extension which allows Web Works developers to integrate NFC tag reading functionality in their applications. The extension and an example application which uses the extension has been published to the WebWorks-Community-APIs repository in the Smartphone/NFC folder.

The applications are accompanied by articles which explain each of the topics; you can find an index to the full list of NFC articles here.  You may also want to check the DevBlog posts on NFC.

As of this writing the series of articles and presentations includes:


About mdwrim

My name’s Martin Woolley and I work in BlackBerry's Developer Relations team as a Senior Application Development Consultant. I’ve been with BlackBerry since 2009 but have worked in software development in various capacities for 30 years in a whole range of industry sectors and on numerous computing platforms small and large. These days I specialise in areas such as Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, Internet of Things (Iot) and wearable technologies amongst other things.
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