Clipboard Support in WebWorks

We now have (unofficial) clipboard support in WebWorks courtesy of Martin Kleinschrodt.  This extension is for tablets.

Martin is a new non-RIM Contributor, he is located in Munich where his work is visible at  The clipboard extension was needed by his password manager / secure storage application: SecuStore uses HTML5 to deliver cross-platform support on webOS, iOS, Google Chrome and, now, BlackBerry PlayBook and relies on DropBox for cloud storage.

Martin’s contribution started around Adam’s repo (pull request); this is a very practical way to get up-to-speed with one of our repos: find an existing contributor and work with him or her first. After a bit we decided to integrate it directly (pull request) and Adam just approved it.

If you have useful extensions to WebWorks, look into WebWorks-Community-APIs, the “Community owned repository containing JavaScript Extensions for BlackBerry WebWorks”… come and join us!


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