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GamePlay 1.2 Now Available

GamePlay 1.2 is now available. This release brings many improvements to our Open Source, Cross-Platform, 3D native C++ game framework/engine, including support for: BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0; and BlackBerry 10 ready! Apple iOS 5.1 for iPhone 4 and iPad Android 2.3+ … Continue reading

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More WebWorks Repositories

We are getting ready for BB 10 Jam in Orlando. The WebWorks team recently promoted two of their repositories from BlackBerry-WebWorks to the top-level BlackBerry organization. The BB10-WebWorks-Packager bundles the content of a WebWorks Application with the BB10-WebWorks-Framework to create a BAR that … Continue reading

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Wikipedia App now in BlackBerry App World

It took longer than expected because of conferences, vacation and other distractions, but the HTML5/PhoneGap-based we mentioned earlier is now available for the PlayBook. This is the official client to Wikipedia from the Wikimedia foundation. Go visit AppWorld and download … Continue reading

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JsonCpp Ported

New repository available in our GitHub organization: a port of JsonCpp, the C++ JSON parser – website, documentation.  The repo is at JsonCpp, courtesy of John Hodgson. That makes 48 public repositories at GitHub.  And counting…

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Contributing to

Since October last year, when George Staikos sent mail to webkit-dev, the RIM Browser team has been in the process of upstreaming the BlackBerry port specific changes to the WebKit community. The initial phase consisted of upstreaming code changes that are specific to … Continue reading

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Initial port of OpenCV

Cliff has pushed out a first cut at a port of OpenCV, the Open Computer Vision Library.  Our intention is to complete the port but we are pushing it out now to help other people interested in the library.  If … Continue reading

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Update to BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement

The content below was posted in our forum on General Open Source Topics. As promised, we have published a small revision to the AppWorld Vendor Agreement.  The new document is available here; the only changes are in section 10(k).  I talked with … Continue reading

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Three.js Contributions

Now that the PlayBook OS 2 update that supports WebGL has been released, we are simplifying the development of WebGL applications on the platform, and to that end, improving support for Three.js, a popular WebGL framework. Recently two Three.js fixes proposed … Continue reading

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