Update to BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement

The content below was posted in our forum on General Open Source Topics.

As promised, we have published a small revision to the AppWorld Vendor Agreement.  The new document is available here; the only changes are in section 10(k).  I talked with a company attorney that described the changes along the lines below:

The revised AppWorld Vendor Agreement includes a much simplified Section 10(k) which clarifies that open source components are not prohibited, provided that the inclusion of those components does not compromise the proprietary nature of any RIM proprietary code and information or that of any third party (e.g., RIM or third party proprietary SDK/NDK libraries).

Compliance with permissive open source licenses, such as recent BSD and MIT licenses, should be relatively straightforward.  Other common open source licenses, such as the various versions of (L)GPL  are more complex.  Use of components subject to such licenses may or may not be permitted under the revised AppWorld Vendor Agreement depending upon a variety of factors including the specific license version, context, and use model.  You may want to consult an attorney if you have concerns.

The last sentence is there because it is not appropriate for a RIM lawyer to give advice to non-RIM companies and individuals.


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2 Responses to Update to BlackBerry App World Vendor Agreement

  1. Mike says:

    Would it be possible to build QT based application, as most of developers are using it under LGPL? Are there any plans in RIM to licence it from Nokia under commercial license and make it part of the standard system?

    Otherwise it’s not clear why RIM promoting QT without providing legal base on using this library in apps distributed through AppWorld.

  2. pelegri says:

    Indeed. Qt (4.8 and 5.0) are LGPL v2.1 and we believe it is quite possible to satisfy the LGPL v2.1 requirements while also satisfying the BlackBerry App Vendor Agreement, as clarified in the change mentioned in the post. The next open beta release of our tools will include a good number of samples.

    Does this address your concern?

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