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Since October last year, when George Staikos sent mail to webkit-dev, the RIM Browser team has been in the process of upstreaming the BlackBerry port specific changes to the WebKit community.

The initial phase consisted of upstreaming code changes that are specific to our port.  We are now in the phase where we are upstreaming changes that touch other ports too.  Our goal is to take upstream builds from and build them locally.  Then we will provide a buildbot to the WebKit community, so whenever someone submits a patch upstream it will be built on our build machine and it will detect if the patch breaks our build or tests.

We have been making very good progress.  You can check the list of changes via our changeLog, or via the Surfin’ Safari blog – recent mentions of our contributions there include Remote Debugging, Page Visibility and Web Timing APIs, and more.

We will keep you posted of our further participation in the community.

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