bbUI.js – First Release for BlackBerry 10

Tim released the first version of bbUI.js with support for BlackBerry 10 last week – in addition to BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook – during BlackBerry10 Jam.

No changes in licensing; the code continues to be released under ASL2.  There are new samples that will help you get up-to-speed in using the framework.

bbUI.js is developed fully at GitHub.  In addition to the repository, you can track the Issues and the Milestones, and Tim is also maintaining a fairly complete Wiki.

The current milestone is BlackBerry 10 Jam.  Tim has already started sketching the next few releases – as of this writing he is listing 6 releases with multiple goals, from new functionality to improved support for multiple devices.  Code is developed via the next branch.

A nice overview of the release is available at DevBlog: Native or HTML5? Only the developer knows.  A video of the demo during the Super Jam session is at YouTube.

Image gallery (from DevBlog):


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