BlackBerry 10 Jam – Samples Galore!

This is a repost from an original post at DevBlog

We know you need samples to learn from, borrow, and modify, so we released many samples during BlackBerry 10 Jam at Orlando.  More samples are in the queue but I wanted to give you a summary of the ones available today.

All code samples have been released under Open Source.  Most of them use Apache Software License 2, a few use other licenses for different reasons.

Cascadesmicro-site.   Samples released include:

  • Cascades-Samples
    This repository has most of the official Cascades samples.  The samples come directly from the team designing Cascades and are infused with that TAT ‘style’.  There are 15 examples.  Samples were highlighted during the Super Jam session (video).
  • Cascades-Community-Samples
    These samples are contributions from the community.  The first contribution corresponds to the demo from Macadamian presented during the Super Jam session.  The demo shows how to integrate OpenGL with Cascades (video).

Native micro-site.  Samples released include:

HTML5micros-site.  Samples released:

And check out the schedule for the BlackBerry 10 Jam RoadShow.


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