BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012

BlackBerry Jam Americas starts tomorrow, in the San José Convention Center, and runs through Thursday.

If you are new to the San Francisco Bay Area, San José and San Francisco are at the bottom and the top of the San Francisco Peninsula, with Palo Alto being somewhere around the middle.  Traditionally, Silicon Valley includes San Jose and Palo Alto but did not include San Francisco, but the scope seems to be expanding.

The picture below shows the peninsula. Golden Gate is the gap of the Bay.  Across is Oakland and Berkeley (sunsets on the Golden Gate can be very pretty from UC Berkeley).   North is Marin County and Point Reyes.  It’s a great area to live in 🙂

San Francisco was founded in 1776 and San José in 1977, same age but they feel quite different.  There is public transportation and highway between the two, but you should plan on a 1-way travel of 45-1hr by car with good traffic and longer by train, so plan very carefully if you want to hop from one to the other.

So… tomorrow is our big day for BlackBerry 10.  If you are attending in person, some key links are:

If you can’t attend in person, check the webcast of the keynote.  Presenters include our CEO, Thorsten Heins (President and CEO) and several key VPs: Alec Saunders (Dev Rel and Dev Ecosystem),  Christopher Smith (App Platform and Tools), Don Lindsay (UX), and Martyn Mallick (Global Alliances and Biz Dev).  Expect to be entertained and informed.

The usual real-time tweeting and blogging.  Official blogging from DevBlog; crowd tweeting tagged as #BBJam,

See you tomorrow.


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