NFC – One New Sample, One Old Session… and 3 New Webinars

NFC is a key feature of the BlackBerry 7 smartphones and of the new BlackBerry 10 platform and we have been providing many samples and documentation on how to leverage this capability.

We have a fairly complete set of NFC samples at GitHub; check our Sample catalog for the full list – 11 as of this writing.

Earlier today Martin Woolley (@mdwrim) published a new sample for our BlackBerry 10 devices: TouchTicTacTen.  That game is now available under an Open Source license at our GitHub Cascades-Community-Samples repository, joining the previously available TouchTicTacToe for java-based BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerryJam Session
The samples were used during the JAM 14 session that Martin and Rob Williams (@robbieDubya) presented during BlackBerry Jam Americas; the recording for their session is now available.

New Webinars
Finally, you may be interested in  3 new webinars  that cover NFC basics:

Registration is now open; enjoy!


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One Response to NFC – One New Sample, One Old Session… and 3 New Webinars

  1. pelegri says:

    Fixed the times for the NFC webinars…

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