Sebastien Marineau-Mes Presentations Around BlackBerry Jam

Sebastien Marineau-Mes (@sebmarineau), our SVP of Engineering for BlackBerry OS and QNX, recently gave a couple of presentations worth checking out:

First, at GigaOM’s Mobilize‘s conference, he talked about Ubiquitous Computing (with a deserved mention of the late Mark Weiser).  Sebastien talked about systems with a level of curated openness, as opposed to those that are closed (iOS) or fully open (Android), drawing examples from the car ecosystem (60% of new cars include QNX) and talking about the role of HTML5 to advance the goal.  Check out a report of the session which includes a link to the video of his presentation, or visit the video directly.

Then, during BlackBerry Jam America, Sebastien was interviewed by N4BB.  In the interview he talks about QNX, BlackBerry 10, QNX Car 2, and other topics.

I wish there were more public presentations about the core layers of QNX in BlackBerry 10. If you know of others you liked, please add references to them as comments to this post.


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