BlackBerry 10 Theme for jQueryMobile

One of the new repositories we announced during BlackBerry Jam America is jQueryMobile-BB10-Theme.

jQueryMobile is a unified HTML5-based cross-platform mobile framework that supports all popular mobile platforms, including the java-based BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook.  This new theme adds support for the BlackBerry 10 devices, and complements our recent repository with jQueryMobile Samples.

jQueryMobile supports theming, manually or using the ThemeRoller tool. Also check out the Demos and Documentation page and the Resources page.  A Sampling of sites built using jQueryMobile can be found at jQM Gallery.

Go have fun with the theme, and start submitting BlackBerry 10 applications to BlackBerry App World.  And kudos to Jason ( ), the author of the theme.


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