New Repository: Presentations

We now have a repository to hold samples used during events like Conferences, Workshops and Unconferences. The Presentations repository is organized as a collection of directories, one per event, and then, within each directory, a collection of subdirectories, one per session.

Centralizing all samples makes it easier for you to discover and also makes it easier for us to publish.  Whenever possible we will use our standard Open Source licenses, as with our other repositories at GitHub.  Unlike in the case of those other repositories, samples in the Presentations repository will not necessarily be updated to track changes in the underlying platform and tools; their main goal is to complement the presentations from the event.

In some cases the samples shown in a session may be particularly useful and we may decide to publish them in a community repository, like Cascades-Community-Samples, or  even the official  Cascades-Samples.  When that is the case we will link from the appropriate subdirectory in Presentations to those samples.

The first two events covered are the first BlackBerry Jam, in Orlando, May 2012, and the most recent BlackBerry Jam Americas, in San José, Sep 2012.  At the moment just a handful of sessions are represented in the repository – once it is more populated we will do a proper post at DevBlog.


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One Response to New Repository: Presentations

  1. pelegri says:

    Now up to 8 from San Jose and 3 from Orlando.

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