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WebKit-PlayBook Updated to PlayBook 2.0 Release

As you may know, the BlackBerry PlayBook browser ranks first among all native tablet browsers in the HTML5 test. We’ve pushed a new playbook-2.0.0 branch to our WebKit-PlayBook repository in GitHub. This branch contains the WebKit source code in the PlayBook 2.0 (b.7971) … Continue reading

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V8 on PlayBook

We have added a port of V8 (home site, Wikipedia), an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google, to complement the other scripting language runtimes on the PlayBook. V8 ships with the Google Chrome web browser and other frameworks such … Continue reading

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BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 is Out!!

Today was the official worldwide launch of the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS 2.0 software update.  There are many new features; rather than singling out any, I’ll point to the official pages and blogs. There is plenty of information in the form of articles … Continue reading

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Skia on PlayBook

We are excited to announce that a new library is available for use by PlayBook developers. Skia, an open-source 2D graphics library for drawing text, geometry and images can now be found at our Skia GitHub repository. One key feature of … Continue reading

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Porting Wikipedia Mobile to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Update: Now Available at BlackBerry App World. It all started from a tweet late sunday night: OK Wikipedia app for android must be the best phonegap app ever. > 4.5 stars. Top trending on the market. > 350k installs. All … Continue reading

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CouchDB on the PlayBook

We’re excited to add a port of Apache CouchDB (home site, Wikipedia), the most widely deployed document-oriented database, to complement the data persistence APIs on the PlayBook. CouchDB is a NoSQL database featuring a RESTful JSON API, ACID semantics and … Continue reading

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Where is that Log? DevUser and Account 1000 on PlayBook

PlayBook applications run in sandboxes, each one with holding files, data base, other data… and also the exit code and the log file for the latest execution of the application, all nicely protected using QNX.  Our IDE (formally QNX® Momentics IDE … Continue reading

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